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Gold is history’s oldest and most dependable form of money. The following gold bullion assets are the perfect way to own and store physical gold in your home or in one of our secure vaults. Browse online and buy gold bars, coins, and jewelry today.


Diamonds are the world's most popular gemstones. Many times more money is spent on diamonds than on all other gemstones combined. Part of the reason for diamond's popularity is a result of its optical properties - or how it reacts with light. Other factors include fashion, custom, and aggressive marketing by diamond producers.


Buying silver bullion brings diversity to your store of hard money. Silver's elegant appearance and intrinsic value makes silver a great gift for loved ones and an ideal fit for investors of all kinds. Choosing a mix of silver bars, coins and rounds is a wise strategy when it comes to investing in silver and other precious metals


Through strategic partnerships with the world’s top institutional vault providers, Safe Assets Vault offers highly secure allocated and segregated bullion storage. It’s easy, surprisingly affordable, and requires no long-term commitment.

Our fully-insured, 100% non-bank vaults are operated by the world’s most-trusted names in security, which means they come with armed guards and 24-hour surveillance. You can rest easy knowing your metals are safe:
You simply cannot store your metals in a safer and more secure environment. Safe Assets Vault uses only independent, non-bank, class 3 vault facilities (the highest rating in the industry), with armed guards and 24/7 surveillance.<br /> You’ll avoid tragic precious metals thefts that could have been prevented by using vault storage.
The gold and silver you buy is shipped directly to storage, and held in full in your account’s name and title (individually, joint, trust, or LLC). No pool accounts, no shared ownership, no fractional claims on large bars—just what you bought, in your title, all the time.
Best of all, our professional storage is far cheaper than insuring home-stored bullion. Not to mention the added privacy and personal safety.


Gold and silver are one of history’s oldest forms of money. Empires, industries, and personal fortunes have been built on bullion for millennia. Today, gold and silver are prized as safe haven investments, hedges against uncertainty. Buying online is quick, easy, and straightforward. Safe Assets Vault offers the world’s most popular bullion products available for home delivery or storing around the world in secure, private vaults.

Pricing Gold & Silver

  • 1/2 oz American Gold Eagle Coin (2019)
  • $684.01

  • 1-9 $689.01
  • 10-19 $687.01
  • 20-39 $685.01
  • 40+ $684.01
  • 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin (Common Date)
  • $1,323.90

  • 1-9 $1,334.51
  • 10-19 $1,329.51
  • 20+ $1,324.51
  • 100 oz Silver Bar
  • $1,514.50

  • 1-4 $1,524.50
  • 5+ $1,514.50


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